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Loose Times At Ridley High. Big Tit Whorehouse. My Boob Heaven. Joanna's Angels. Jump to page. Show Filters. Entertainment Group 5 L. Case Of The Karyn bayres Checks In 14 Muschi: Despite receiving movie poor reception, The Canyons director Steven Soderbergh gave it a decent review, saying that it contained a "spectacular" sex scene.

James Deen recently said that he would like the male lead in the upcoming 50 Parodies of Grey movie. Type keyword s to search. X min Adult, Comedy, Sci-Fi. Jim Powers Stars: Pierre Woodman Rated X min Action, Adult, Fantasy.

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Manuela Alvarez Hernandez by loucamel. Simpsons Guest Stars - Season 7 by filmbuilder. More lists from redrobin. This porn spoof goes to extreme lengths to duplicate the look and feel of the s show, even including a laugh track. And the inside of Jeannie's bottle looks pretty much spot-on.

Porn star in X-rated parody of own film?

In the above parodies, Jeannie randomly pops in on two neighbors who are randomly having a lesbian encounter, and they randomly decide to make it a threesome. The rest of the DVD is pretty much your standard "Jeannie's meddling makes everything complicated, and then everyone has rated story.

Do you really need a porn parody of True Blood? Isn't that show humptastic enough? But on the plus side, James Deen plays Vampire Bill, which means the dirt sex could actually be sort of fun. This one movie features a giant cameo by the Fonz, thus tying it to Mork and Mindy's parent show, Happy Days.

That has to count for something, right?

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There are some evil aliens who want to enslave everybody with sex, and meanwhile Mork wants to set everybody free with sex. And the Fonz basically fixes everything with his magic thumb. I think. This time around, Mork is a hot lady who goes around saying "Nanoo-Nanoo" and causing lightning to hit people, whereupon they become naked and start boinking or something.

Here she is zapping a Darth Vader impersonator, just for maximum brain-meltage. It's interactive! Rated completely insane wigs and bubble fight scenes. Plus you get to pick something or other, in theory. Submitted for your disapproval. A strange new couple arrives in a quaint suburb circa some distant past era She's sexy and lusty, and he's ready to devour her!

Like a parodies of these recent movies, the production values actually look pretty amazing in this film, and they seem to have movie to great lengths to duplicate the desolate look of the TV series. Maybe Rick's actually a decent leader in the porn version? The trailer includes actual decapitation and the great line, "We have horribly thin walls. Plus Hercules! But who did they get to play Joxer? And will there be any musical numbers? We have so many questions.

Porn Parody of 'The Room' Proves Even the X-Rated Film Industry is Out of Original Ideas

You know, it's just not a good idea to do a porn spoof of the Terminator films. There's something way too rapey about a movie where a guy comes back in time to have sex with all of the women named Farrah Connors.

Witness the above clip, where he sees a computer readout telling him what position to have sex with her in. The woman seems sort of into it, but still.

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Meanwhile, a young ish Ron Jeremy plays Kyle Reese, and at one point rated distracts the Penetrator by giving him a Playboy ice la fox solo to look at. This one is just kind of horrible. My copy of it is dubbed in I think Italian, which is probably for the best. So of course they decided to make another Terminator porn spoof, this one with way better visual effects.

Including the metal endoskeleton and stuff. And according to this trailer, the Terminator comes from the future, rated no pity, and is horny. Because why? Thanks to everyone who reminded us about this one in comments! Can't believe we missed this seminal so to speak parodies Above is a handy video showcasing all the SFW scenes in this film — which apparently does include a DeLorean and some hints that these people you see boinking on screen have traveled in time in some vague way.

Not sure if anybody has sex with his or her mother, though. The best thing about this film is probably its title. A pornographic parody film is a subgenre of the pornographic film parodies genre where the basis for movie production's story or plotline is the parody of a mainstream television showfeature filmpublic figure movie, video game or literary works.

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This subgenre also includes parody of historical or contemporary events such as political scandals. The subgenre has gained acceptance by the adult industry to the extent that major awards are presented in this category by organizations such as AVN and XRCO. For the Movie of Ophelia and Othello: Rated Desire. InShaving Ryan's Privatesa movie starring actor-turned-infosec analyst Jeff Bardin, was released. The movie documented porn films that parody classic Hollywood movies. There have been porn parodies produced of sitcoms such as Parodies The Boss parodies Parks and Recreationhorror and drama movies such as Edward Scissorhands and Rated of the Lambssci-fi and action movie blockbusters such as Star Wars and The Avengersand of period drama such as Downton Abbeytitled Down on Alektra blue vanilla. The genre includes both heterosexual as well as homosexual versions as a "gay porn parody" of the reality television series Duck Dynasty has been produced among others.

Parodies also include non-story or event specific productions such as the several parodies that feature a Sarah Palin -like character.