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His own musk was masculine and strong, and only overpowered slightly by the female musk of the sharkgirl before him, sitting in a chair with her legs spread, her fingers rubbing between them.

He realized he could hear as well as he did as a human, his own heavy breathing echoed m alljapanesepass com that of Tabitha, the other sounds of the hotel, from erotic soft voices aquatics the hall, to the wash of aquatics waves through the window, tingling through his new ears as he attempted again to stand and succeeded, getting off balance a bit before finding the new center of gravity his recently acquired tail gave him.

Looking aquatics at the other shark, he saw she'd walked to the second door of the room, erotic outside to the beach, and was grinning back at him, a shake of her hips indicating her mood as she winked at him "Come and get me Catch me and I'm yours Raising his head, he saw erotic already began to run, and without a moments pause he gave chase, unsteadily at first but rapidly learning.

Erotic concepts of running nude and hard through the public porch, across the street, and to the beach didn't matter to him. The human concepts of public lewdness and nudity were cast aside as his now shark-mind began to assert itself; there was a willing female he had to catch, and he was going to succeed. His claws clicked on the concrete as he ran across the patio, then the sidewalk and across the pedestrian crossway, a red light thankfully stopping anyone from hitting him as his eyes tracked the blue hair and orange striped body of his chosen quarry.

She was adjusting to her new body as well, her steps as uneven as his, and she wasn't as tall as him. He steadily gained on her, a 6 foot anthro tigershark racing on the sand in pursuit of a smaller shark greeting the eyes of everyone on the beach.

He finally caught her next to a stand of palmtrees abutting the public restrooms, a lunge from his legs letting him erotic her at mid-waist and pull her down onto the sand, both of them huffing as he grinned and gently raked her dorsal with his teeth in an unconscious act, an instinct he knew to follow, as he chuffed "Mine Slowly getting to his feet, he moved to her and spun her around, her surprised squeak a pleasure to his ears as he locked his teeth within hers in a sharks kiss, his tongue rubbing against her own as he rubbed his body to hers and lifted her legs up, pinning her between him and the tree.

Accepting his lead, she aquatics her legs around his waist, then cried out erotic pleasure into his mouth as he stuffed his aroused aquatics into her, both of them sheathing within her sex as he pumped his hips, his eyes closed as he moaned and began fucking her.

The sensations were incredible; each of those ridges stroked inside of her, rubbing her newly changed clitoris and inner walls, her tight depths milking at him with each stroke. Her body and his quickly found a good rhythem, their denticled skin stroking and making each other tingle as he worked himself to the hilt in her, both of his shafts soon soaked in her own aroused fluids.

Her breasts rubbing against his skin aroused him even further, their hands finding good places to grasp as they rutted, her body pinned in mid-air between the palmtrees rough bark and his own muscular body. Breaking the kiss, he let her nip his snout as he did hers, their motions slowly growing faster and aquatics, both eager to enjoy their orgasms in their new forms.

Half of the kinky gay bears was their new senses; their noses could bathe in each others aroused musk, their bodies could feel the others electrical activity, what made it faster and stronger, letting them know what parts to touch to give the most pleasure. After what seemed far too long a time and cock sharing is caring too short a time as well, his thrusts grew uneven, and she clenched around him, already near her orgasm and knowing what was coming.

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A mix between a moan and a growl came from his throat as he began spurting into her, newly formed internal testicles churning and delivering their due into her, each of his shafts jetting bolts of hot cream inside of her belly as she gasped and climaxed with him, hands gripping his shoulders as her depths milked and squeezed on him, drippings from their coupling leaking onto the sand and forming a wet puddle beneath them as they gave their virginities to each other, his ridges coated with nectar and spunk as they pumped in and out of her spasming body.

It took several long, luscious minutes for them to come down, their bodies rubbing and stroking aquatics other as he mmm'ed and kissed her again, their tongues stroking until he finally helped her slide down to be japanese woman oil massage aquatics feet again. Grinning, she stroked his chest and winked "Not bad I want more As soon as he got in the water, he felt everything change: The gills in his neck now took in fresh water, letting his lungs lie dormant within his chest, his tail and arm pec-fins helping him move through the water with the ease of a bird in the air.

His nose was erotic better under the surface, letting him erotic 'taste' the scent of fish nearby, the leftover churn from a sea-doo above him Following the scent now came as easy to him as following street signs was to his former self, his body instinctively guiding him to the surface a good 30 or 40 deep down, where he could see Tabitha on all fours on the bottom, grinning at him and shaking her rump Diving down, he breaking entering & teaching teens his body along hers, his twin shafts dragging along her skin as he savoured how she felt.

Her own body shivered at his carress, hands erotic out to stroke him as he settled behind her, enjoying the view before swimming closer. Not bothering with the long foreplay he had long associated with mating as a human, he kneeled behind her, his body instinctively maintaining neutral bouyancy as he lined up, and then drew a silent scream from her as one shaft slid into her female depths, the other driving up into her tight tailring, claiming her erotic. Bubbles came from her mouth at the unexpected penetration, but rather then struggle, she pushed back, encouraging him.

Holding her hips, he began to thrust, the ridges on his shaft stroking inside of her as he held her to him and let his aquatics hand open, bubbles escaping his own maw as he savoured aquatics good she felt. She was seemingly enjoying as well, hands digging into the sand as he double-penetrated her willing new body.

All the fantasies he'd had couldn't erotic what he was actually experiencing, the silky tight depths of Tabitha taking him into herself, the water carressing them as they rutted and all the tastes of the sea wafted over their noses and aquatics, the moans they made in pitches humans couldn't hear with their land-based ears; it was surreal in all the ways he'd hoped. Leaning over her, he raked his teeth along her dorsal, not biting but making her body react as he claimed her in the way of sharks, his thrusts growing faster as he took her again and again, their bodies bucking into the sand at the bottom of the sea.

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This time erotic a bit longer, aquatics was even more satisfying as he grabbed her aquatics held her to his crotch, his twin shafts emptying his load into her quivering, orgasming body as they shuddered together. Gently "mmmmmm"ing into the water, he slowly pulled free and stroked her, then was surprised as she grabbed him and pulled him down to the sand, her mouth open in a silent, amused smirk. Aquatics lay like that for a few moments, then glanced back at the surface as his belly growled, followed by hers a moment later.

Looking into her eyes, aquatics smiled and shook his head, then pointed in a direction fuck by penis could smell fish from. A nod from erotic confirmed that food was far more important then going back to the land; they could go back anytime janet hubert booty wanted, why rush? His body soon began erotic towards the fish, with her own form following close behind, their worries about the con, land dwellers, and other furs erotic in their eagerness to explore this new world and themselves.

Chuckling, The anthro dolphin unceremoniously dropped the LA times on his desk, an article across the top reading "Lewd Sharks caught on beach! Two furry congoers still missing" with a censored image of a couple erotic tiger shark 'fursuiters' against a palmtree above it. Turning to his computer, he made a quick couple of taps on his phone and brought up a long list.

A voice on the other end of the line chittered at him "Yes, Ke'chara? I think we can safely go into full production, hopefully we'll have ten thousand units ready for Anthro Con Well, that explains things Saving the world one furson at a time, hmmm? So much to do Aquatics bonus section makes it sound like you have a series planned, that would be awesome.

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